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Kindred Spirits is a philosophy.
A philosophy that promotes the enrichment of musical experiences. A group of music fanatics who share the same vibes and ideas formed a collective in order to spread their love and inspiration for music to a wider audience. This collective also reacts to the popular fast food music organizations. Just like eating healthy food, traveling or reading books, you can improve the quality of life by discovering inspiring music. Kindred Spirits is eager to discover and promote the music they are passionate about. Their goal is to share this with a wider audience and to put Amsterdam on the musical map. Surely there is enough local Dutch talent to do so and more is submerging as we speak.

Kindred Spirits tries to reach its audience by organizing an intimate club night, introducing groundbreaking artists as well as releasing music that supports this philosophy. Important is that the audience is moved on this musical road that runs through different styles and era?s. This boundless mix exists of the deepest soul and jazz, the heaviest Latin and funk, boogie and disco, honest hip hop, Brazilian music and afro-beat, soulful house and new futuristic music styles.

The club night:

The Kindred Spirits club night resides in the Paradiso, the legendary club in Amsterdam where many great artists have played. The musical foundation is set out by the Kindred Spirits Soundsystem. They cater for a diverse Amsterdam public that appreciates a wide range of soulful, spiritual music. Over the years there have been many local & international guests.

In 2003 a tour was scheduled to showcase this club night as well as to promote the releases on the label. One of the highlights was the Sun Ra Dedication Night? on North Sea Jazz Festival with Jimi Tenor Live, Recloose Live, Francisco Mora?s Outerzone Band (with Carl Craig) live. Other cities that have hosted Kindred Spirits night are: N.Y.C, L.A, Tokyo, London and Helsinki a.o
In 2004 a Kindred Spirits weekender was organized in Paradiso with live performances by Peven Everett, Eric Roberson, Ty, Platinum Pied Pipers, Lilian Vierra and so on.
Kindred Spirits also puts much effort in the visual aspect of things by having VJ?s performing on the night. This is mostly done by graphic designers Machine, who also take care of the artwork on the records.

The Label

The reason to start the label is to reach a worldwide audience. Both local and international artists are releasing on the label. The only criterion is that they are Kindred Spirits: Like-minded people who share the same, musical, vision. The label is album based, which means that album released are the main focus, accompanied with (remix) 12?s to support the albums.



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